this is an initial, incomplete version of my 7dfps game. i was not able to get this as complete as i hoped due to health reasons, but will be releasing a more complete version after the jam.

i am tired and i can't think. where is the instructions section? i will put the instructions here.

<w, a, s, d> to move. <left, right> to turn. <1-9> to activate spells. only 1 is implelemented. <f> to toggle the view between a 2up map / first person view and a dedicated first person view. the dedicated first person view currently is not centered, due to a bug. <c> to regenerate the labyrinth.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Authorloren schmidt


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oh my god this is so cool

Intrigued about the rendering system details: is this a voxel projector?

Really cool style. The fish is a little nauseating, but not that bad. It be nice if you could move forward with up and back with down


Neat style! Hope you get well soon and can finish it.

Reminds me of a weird version of LSD Dream Emuator

cool, this looks and feels like an old PC game

I love the style here! I feel like it could work very well if paired with the right concept or style of gameplay


I like it so far, hope it gets finished soon!

Pretty cool!

The feel of it really takes me back to really early 3D games I used to play on PC, like "TOTAL ECLIPSE" (1988).  


Reminds me of some of the old non-traditional DOOM maps.

The garden areas in particular are very cool, and the kind of thing that would be seen as a "waste" with a textured environment. It would be interesting to see some experimentation in this vein with a much more fine grained height map.


Illusory, hypnotic, wonderful. The fish-eye made "turning" feel more like some kind of swiveling strafe, as if in a jellyfish dream, and my goal in each labyrinth became finding the garden, to walk through the pond-pool and then with water lilies snared around my leg, climb the staircase to nowhere.

The Elsewhere spell was very helpful as sometimes you'll find yourself in a place of no escape. In one instance, a single white block with a red throughline manifested from across the map, drawing over everything else as some kind of goal, growing larger and larger despite not being actually there, as if I saw it only in my minds eye. Once I did reach it, it was just there. It was difficult turning my back to it.

Absolutely enchanting work.

love the game, hope some of the glitchiness makes it into the final release, it gives the game a cool organic feel. Also hope for a downloadable version 

really nice

Deleted post

This is pretty cool.

The environments generated are really lovely to explore :)