a short text based game. it will likely take you 5-10 minutes to play. 

this is a narrative introduction to the world of "nectar thief", an upcoming gardening game. i will begin exploring mechanics with the next release, cycle B.  if you're interested in the project, future releases will appear on my page.


~     inspects the current room
1-9   interact with other items (as displayed)

there is no formal end: you can check your progress with 'p', and quit whenever you feel done.

?     brings up this help menu in-game

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Authorloren schmidt
TagsText based


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Please, developers across the world, but specially english-speaking, as they are the main offenders here: consider using only letters and numbers for your shortcuts. 

Many keyboards don't have a dedicated key for the fancy glyph or punctuation sign you want or it's mapped anywhere else. In my case, + and - are mapped somewhere else and I can't use them (¿not even using the numpad?). I don't even know what to type to get the ~ (Which I had to copypaste to show it).

So, basically, I can't interact with the game. That's a lot of effort from a creator I love and respect going nowhere because of a single key binding.


Wow, this was amazing! There are two things I would change - first, make the lists numbered instead of bulleted, and formally add the inventory with new descriptions for the items that don't add another item to your inventory.

Loving it so far! Also, you can notice the nearby seed even though you already picked it up.

I'm loving the atmosphere here and I can't wait to explore more of this world <3 


pressing i to access the inventory (which i mostly did... out of habit, I think, not because it was stated) and examining any item with a number results in you getting a duplicate of that item. 

this was really lovely though and i'm very curious about where it's going

Is ~ its own key on your keyboard? Having to press alt+¨ and then another key to have the tilde execute (as one would, trying to type ñ, for example) is not a terribly long command input, but not as flawless as the rest of the one-touch keys!

I agree with Schmidt that it would be nice if the text scrolled down, but simply pressing the down key soon turned second nature.

I want you to know how much I love cycle A for what it is and I'll probably save it in order to preserve it as it moves forward. (I especially adore how, as the rooms are unknown, That Room Which Begins With An A came at us out of nowhere.) Thank you for sharing Nectar Thief with us in this stage!

I found that I could press the ` key without alt/shift and it still worked fine for me (I'm using a Macbook, so Windows might be different). 

Yes, they are different keys on my keyboard (which is a Scandinavian PC qwerty type) c:

On the Italian keyboards ~ is not even present.. Ineed to switch the keyboard to US or to press Alt+1+2+3 to insert the ASCII code. I would go with a different button, maybe a letter (e.g. E=examine or L=look).


I find it a bit confusing to keep track of where I've been, and I think it would be nice if it scrolled down automatically.  Also, numbering the entries would be helpful.  Otherwise great visualization and atmosphere!

I agree with this feedback - an automatic scroll would be nice and numbered entries would be even nicer :)

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Mysterious and beautiful atmosphere, Writing is poetic yet simple enough to invoke clear images.

listened to this music while playing and would recommend as it perfectly complements the experience:

Looking forward the upcoming games set in this world.


I absolutely loved this, and now I can't wait for the upcoming game!

Out of curiosity, what program did you use to make this? I've seen a lot of text-based game styles, but this one I really like the look and feel of.

Pardon my intrusion here. If I'm not mistaken, Loren built this using JavaScript and HTML. If you're looking for a framework to create your own text adventure, you might try text-engine. The commands and interface are a bit different, but you could achieve the same look (and even animate the display of the text) with a bit of CSS.

Thanks for the info, I'll give it a look :)