pattern mutation
beta 0.9 

this is a tool for painting and exploring tiling patterns. 

if you would rather learn by doing, please dive in. this was built with that as an intended approach. but if you would like a detailed rundown for whatever reason, here is a reference for you.


click to paint
<arrows> scroll
<-, +> zoom in and out
<f> toggle distraction free mode

as you draw, your pattern will mutate across the grid. scrolling or zooming slowly will reroll the mutations at image borders. moving quickly will create gaps and voids at borders, which can be useful for some effects.

buttons, in order

download image
download a seamless version of the entire image, including all current mutations

download tile / tile preview
use your pattern in your projects! right click to copy or save as.
(the preview uses the variant you last edited)

enlarge tile
increase the size of each tile by 1.

reduce tile
reduces the size of each tile by 1.

checker mode
invert every other tile, in a checkerboard pattern. click to toggle.

mirror horizontally
every other column is mirrored. click to toggle.

mirror vertically
every other row is mirrored. click to toggle.

slide horizontally
offsets the contents of each tile horizontally without changing the data.

slide vertically
offsets the contents of each tile vertically without changing the data.
tip: these can be useful when saving individual tiles for use in a project of your own, such as a tiled game, where registration is important.

mutation <M>
click to toggle mutation

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Authorloren schmidt


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how would i go about doing this sort of thing naturally so i could experiment and generate backgrounds? Is it possible to do something like this in photoshop or aseprite, or is there a tool you use? thank you for any response ^^

ooaugh now im thinking about how to use this stuff for weather effects and animation in games beyond still backgrounds. im low on coding skill, would it be possible to produce these effects in something like rpgmaker?


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additional information is important, y'all. loren isn't trying to use itch as a means to groom anyone.



so therapeutic, thanks for making this.


would like if i could draw directly on the preview or see a grid/highlight where my cursor is on that grid, as it is it's pretty hard to intuit where im drawing although i guess that might be my browser? or an intended experience of using the tool. it's still really cool regardless



really wonderful