a standalone version of an experiment in pattern generation based on the public land survey system.

in the us, much of the land outside of cities is divided into a rigid, mathematically continuous grid. for me this is emotionally very coupled to settler colonialism and unsustainable agricultural practices. looking at it from above, it is hard to imagine that it is the expression of anything but a violently expansive, colonialist country. 

this will likely end up as a component of a larger project, with some animation + integration into other processes.

space - refresh with current rules

r or refresh - get a new set of rules.

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Authorloren schmidt


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Beautiful. Are these patterns seamless?


Interesting patterns. Abstracted from the context of public land survey, however, I lose the emotional connection to the ideas you say are conveyed by this images in the description. 

Without the description I would simply see visual interesting patterns of circles and squares


I agree.