on the first day of snow this year, i spent the day doing some experiments with cellular snow. i thought i'd release the work in self-playing diorama form so i could share it with others. i hope it brings you the same enjoyment i felt working on it.



full screen is recommended. ❤

this is a zero player diorama. over time program will automatically vary different parameters: the types of snow, wind, turbulence, "crystallization" rate, gravity, etc. interactions between parameters result in changing conditions.

Updated 15 days ago
Published 23 days ago
Authorloren schmidt


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I watched it for 5 minutes and above, because my attention was captured by this unusual white-red snow. It intrigued me. Vary according to the wind? Very beautiful!

cosy frame

All of a sudden it switched to anti-gravity snow! This didn't happen the first few times I came here... an interesting rare surprise. :)