i did some experiments with crystal formation, and put it in diorama form to share with you.



full screen is recommended. ❤

this is a zero player diorama. over time program will automatically vary different parameters: the precipitation rate, wind, turbulence, water level, etc.. in addition, the city and floating platforms are rebuilt over time (quite gently in this diorama). crystals form and dissolve in alternating phases, like snowflakes. interactions between systems result in changing output.

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Authorloren schmidt


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Awesome! The fiction suggested by the title made this 10x extra fun to watch and wonder about

How did you make this?

This is so freakin' cool

this was great—i ran this in my class while my students worked on their projects<3

This reminds me of the powder game/toy two pseudo-games that I wasted endless time on in my younger years